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The Business
Control Valves Overview
Positioners and Accessories
We supply positioners according to customer specification. We do however, offer most alternatives as standard in our range.Our standard positioner the electro-pneumatic ALP1000E has become we ll known for its ability to withstand moisture in process plant air supplies better than most positioners.

Here are some of the positioners we supply:

  • Electro-pneumatic positioners
  •        ABB smart positioners
  •        Siemens smart positioners
  •        Stainless steel positioners
  •        Serck Glocon A Type pneumatic positioners

Technovalves supply a wide variety of accessories for the valve automation industry. We offer free standing and namur mount solenoid valves. We have a comprehensive range of limit switch boxes as well as proximity sensors. We also do specials like actuated valves with manual override system.

Technovalves (Pty) LTD have over the years sourced, recommended and supplied a wide variety of  normal valves and specifically designed to suit problematic applications.
We supply the following different valves from various brand on our panel supplied as per clients specification, we also advise on alternative that are more cost saving yet not compromising productivity.

  • Globe Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Diaphram valves
  • Knife gate valves

We also supply specialised specifically designed valves like: high  performance butterfly valve for oxygen service,Ceramic lined ball valve,cryogenic globe valve, lime dosing valves etc

Pneumatic Actuators
Technovalves supply a wide range of linear actuators that are locaaly manufactured, our actuators can accommodate from 100mm diameter up to 750mm diameter for bigger valves.Our standard of material for construction used on our actuators are mild steel for the top,bottom and piston plates, brinze guide brushes,NBR O-rings and a fibreglass barrel to prevent corrosion.

We also supply actuators manufactured out of stainless steel, for those applications that would require superior corrosion resistance. We also do a scotch yoke conversion on our actuatorsto convert to a rotary action.

We also offera wide range of rack and pinion rotary actuators ranging from 15nm to over 100000nm Torque.

Our actuators are designed and manufactured keeping safety factors in mind by utilizing retained spring packs as well as being practical in using external travel stops.we also supply a low cost range as well as a stainless steel range to suit most applications. These actuators are available in 90,120,145,180 and 360 degree stroke.

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